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November 2009

As Frank Zappa said; Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.

Well, it's November 2009, and we are heading back to studio to finish production on our album. Yes, as a band we have caused and experienced a global recession, two marriages, production delays, moments of inspiration, back-to-formula moments and not to mention many instances of changing strings, skins, sticks, girlfriends and the occasion outfit.

As it stands, we have the next couple of months for vocals and post production, we still have a guitarist missing who was last reported near the Amazon river somewhere with extreme Spanish food poisoning, but thanks to the wonders of technology, he is still with us in spirit and is due to return shortly in the flesh.

We are currently also writing scripts for our next two music videos to be shot early next year for the first two singles of the new album, at least one version of our next video script includes many extras doing rock and roll thing so if you have always wanted to appear in a music video, become a fan of KIDIC on facebook and we will keep you updated on the application process when the time comes.

Our next gig is a private acoustic session in a secret location in a castle in Kildare somewhere in December, if we can smuggle a few videos out of there we will publish them here too. Looking forward to a wide range of gigs for the album release next year.
Watch this space!



March 2009

While the world was on fire...

We had an extended break over Christmas while waiting for new studio equipment to arrive (and for Colin to part with the Red Sea - long story) before we started finalising vocals for the new songs, but now we are in full swing again finalising the missing layers on the album. Did we mention that the new album is being recorded in full surround sound!

In other news, our rehearsal studio is currently being overhauled at the moment after a fire-alarm incident, (another long story), the world is officially in recession, and we are currently preparing scripts for the next couple of videos that are due to be filmed in May - June before we start the touring process again.
We will be looking for many people to play extras for one of the videos so if you are interested in being involved (filming in Dublin and partly in London) than find our page on Facebook (just search for Kidic) and join us as a fan and we'll keep you updated on what's involved.

In the meantime, we have uploaded onto our Facebook page some behind the scenes photos from our last video shoot of some of the actors, band and very talented crew - enjoy!


25th July 2008

"A studio environment is an odd place.  With its sterile soundproofing, glass barriers and an arsenal of equipment, not to mention the thousands of cables only barely hidden out of view of the musicians or the producers, few observers would consider it a place where magic can happen, but it does...

The thoughts, feelings, ideas, ambitions and history of our collective exposure to music are finally beginning to take shape into our first album.  While we are only half way finished the process, as we lay down the final guitar tracks and vocal melodies, there is already a feeling of completeness on the album. We have the distinct pleasure of daydreaming about various names for the album while we head to Abbey Road for the mastering of the album.  We'll keep you posted. "

Colin, July 2008.

Where we dwell with bass players and layers and loops..

23rd January 2008
We haven't gone away you know! - KIDIC are busy with pre-production of the album, and will be absconding to Westland Studios shortly to complete the recording. Happy New Year to you all..

23rd August 2007
Well the frankly rubbish weather over the last couple of months has given the guys an opportunity to stay indoors and get some new material recorded for the album. They will re-surface for a bit of air on 29th September to gig with the Frank and Walters at Bundoran's OceanFest, however!

6th July 2007
KIDIC play Crawdaddy in Dublin next Friday July 13th. Click below to download and print off an exclusive web concession!

23rd June 2007
Plenty of new live videos and interviews added to the BACKSTAGE section!

20th June 2007
KIDIC have been announced as one of the headline acts at this year's inaugural Indie Summer Festival in Carrick-on-Shannon.

12th June 2007
It's back into the studio to record their third single "Our Own Verona". Rumour has it Colin is penning a script for the video. Maybe this time he'll get the four poster bed scene!

11th June 2007
Three weeks on and KIDIC are still in the Phantom top 10 - Thanks to all at Phantom for their support!

25th May 2007
KIDIC are the second highest new entry in the Irish Singles Charts this week, and the highest ranking Independent act, storming in at number 26!

24th May 2007
Hello Australia! KIDIC have been distributed throughout Australia on the Sounds Like Cafe compilation which is hitting caf?s throughout the country this month.
We have also put up the first GALLERY from the recent Whelans gig, check it out.

22nd May 2007
WOW - Were you there?
We at are still recovering from the onslaught of energy and emotion that greeted us Saturday night in Whelans! With the venue quite literally packed to the rafters, KIDIC's home town gig was an absolute stormer that has surely cemented their status as one of the most stunning live acts in the country. There are some amazing photographs on the way, and they will be put up in a new gallery as soon as we get them.

19th May 2007
KIDIC play Whelans of Wexford Street in Dublin tonight. Click below to download and print off an exclusive web concession!

17th May 2007
Colin and Morgan are in studio this morning with Edel Coffey on Phantom FM, check it out, it can be streamed on line. 11am to 11.15am. They will be talking about the Holdling Doors For Strangers video, the tour, and playing a rendition of "Love In The Can".

16th May 2007
KIDIC are this fortnight's Headline Act in Hot Press Magazine. Morgan Brickley was interviewed by Shilpa Ganatra for this piece, and Holding Doors For Strangers is described as "..a confident song that meanders between a broody and melodic that fans of Placebo and Coldplay will love..". Pick up a copy nationwide.

14th May 2007
"Holding Doors For Strangers" featured this weekend on TG4's flagship chart program "Pop 4". It is also featuring regularly on Channel 6's Day Shift and Night Shift programs. Morgan and Colin recently did an interview for the City Channel which was broadcast last week. We're trying to get hold of a copy of this, and when we do it will appear in the BACKSTAGE area!
Meanwhile, you can check out the TG4 snippet there, as well as some new video montages of the gigs in Kilkenny and Cork!

11th May 2007
The video for "Holding Doors For Strangers" has been selected for this years which takes place in Italy from August to October.

10th May 2007
V.I.P.! The appearance in Tower Records has been put back from this Saturday to NEXT Saturday the 19th May at 3PM.

9th May 2007
KIDIC are this month's featured artist over at

7th May 2007
Yardmedia have released a sneak preview of their Making-of-the-video. The making of shows the behind the scenes cuts from the shoot and some nice hidden camera work. Here's the teaser - the full version will be released next week (Thanks for Declan 'Stan' Boylan for his work on this).

5th May 2007
An Cruiscin Lan rocked last night to the sounds of KIDIC! Cork was an all round success, and the lads are enjoying the rest of the weekend in Clonakilty with a bit of deserved R+R (Surf and Beer!). Support last night from Four Faced Liar and the absolutely superb The Filthies (MySpace) who are in Ireland on a touring holiday. Check them out.

3rd May 2007
This week Kidic's video premiered on Irish TV featuring on 'Dayshift' - Channel 6's music video show. Morgan and Colin did an interview on "On The Box" and the national DJs received their copies of the single. So if you want to hear the song on your favorite show just text any of the following DJs - Eva Staic (Spin), Cormac Battle (2fm), Jenny Husteon (2fm), Dan Heggarty (2fm), Alison Curtis (Today FM) and Tom Dunne (Today FM). On top of that the single was A-listed on Phantom which guarantees that all DJs on Irelands cracking alternative radio station have access to it. The txt number for 2fm is 51552, and for Phantom it's 083 3111052 - so get texting !

29th April 2007
The morning after the night before....
And they're off! The tour has started, and last night Kilkenny got served up a dish of rocking delights. The Zoo bore witness, and you can bear witness yourselves soon enough when a video montage appears in the BACKSTAGE area! We're hoping to have one of these for every gig along the way, watch out for the wandering camera at the next city!

22nd April 2007
Eager eyes may have spotted some minor web site changes..
We have added a new "BACKSTAGE" section which we're going to start populating very soon. Expect to see lyrics, outtakes, demos, concessions for gigs, and a few other goodies on the way!

18th April 2007
The video for 'Holding Doors For Strangers' has arrived! Post production and editing was completed by Yard Media, and the fruits of this labour can now be seen by clicking the link below.

17th April 2007
Whelans date has been moved from Friday 18th May to Saturday 19th May.

5th April 2007
Holding Doors For Strangers A-listed.
That was fast! Phantom FM have picked up the HDFS CD and decided to place it on the A list - First airing on the airwaves is on Edel Coffeys music magazine show "Access All Areas" 10-12am on Good Friday.

2nd April 2007
This weekend saw KIDIC complete the filming of the video for "Holding Doors.." with director Richard O'Connor.
Starring Hollywood's newest leading lady Tara Leniston (Meet me in Miami), the story sees the boys kidnapped by a femme fatale and put up for auction on the Internet.. but only after some teasing and slight cruelty being applied! Sounds intriguing.. there are some production stills on the way, and we'll get them up on the site here as soon as they come through.

21st March 2007
"Rhetoric", due for release in July 2007, has been mastered, and you can now hear that single, as well as "Love in the Can", the b-side for "Holding Doors For Strangers" by opening up the pop-up streaming audio player in the MEDIA section!
Expect to see "Love in the Can" available as a free mp3 download from this site shortly..

16th March 2007
KIDIC recently completed a photo shoot with Irish photographer, Graham Maxon, and the fruits of that labour can now be seen in the new GALLERY section.

13th March 2007
We were all set to bring you news of spanners in the works, as Jon found out his foot was broken on Saturday. KIDIC's drummer was left hobbling around in a cast for five days, while the guys resorted to forcing him to kick drum with his left foot, with much hilarity ensuing.
But all was not as it seemed, according to a Doctor who actually knew what he was talking about Jon's foot wasn't actually broken,disaster averted!
The break on the X-Ray was an old one, even though Jon has no recollection of ever doing it. Oh dear. Back on track!

8th March 2007
Well it's been a while since the last update, but things have been busy in KIDICland.
The guys have been mulling over an invite to a high profile festival in Canada, as well as finalizing the Irish national tour for May.
Australians can expect to hear KIDIC's debut, "Holding Doors For Strangers" with nationwide play distribution negotiation almost complete.
If that's not enough, our friends in the US will also be hearing it, with a number of radio stations across the country picking it up, and more to follow.

14th February 2007
Love is in the air.. and so is tour excitement!
Confirmed dates in Dublin, Drogheda, Waterford, Cork, Kilkenny, and Mullingar can now be seen on the LIVE section. Still another couple of dates to finalize before the picture is completed, but as soon as we have the info, you'll read it here first.

"Holding Doors For Strangers" (Release: May 11th) is now available to stream in full from the MEDIA section.

29th January 2007
Some dates and locations for the April/May tour have been confirmed, and we should be in a position to post them up here in the next few days as soon as some i's are dotted and t's are crossed.
In other news, word has filtered through that Gav Kearney has done some amazing work remixing the intended b-side to the first single, "Rhetoric", which has apparently given the guys some serious food for thought about this year's releases...

17th January 2007
A New Year, a new spring in the step, the tunes keep coming!
The guts of two more songs have been recorded, Gavin Kearney again taking control of the situation. Another two catchy pop-rock numbers, and as each one pops out, the guys appetite for getting the next one down just grows even more.
Everyone's back home, some returning with stories of free business class upgrades, some with stories of psychopathic row-mates on the plane, and some with stories of high flying casino wins! (Some have no stories at all)

21st December 2006
Kidic are breaking up. For the Christmas Holidays that is!
The guys seem to be attempting some kind of record, with Mark in Argentina, Jon in Austria, and Colin in Kenya, only Morgan is left home to fly the flag for the next couple of weeks. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.

4th December 2006
Kidic along with producer Gavin Kearney had a busy weekend prepping drums at their Dublin studio, with "Beneath the Noise", and "Forget About Me" in the bag.

29 November 2006
Kidic have chosen two follow-up singles for next year, and the groundwork is being laid, with guide tracks recorded last night in Dublin. More to follow...

25 November 2006
Final mixing and tweaking of "Holding Doors for Strangers" took place today. The guys are delighted with the efforts of producer Gavin Kearney and the sound is great!

10 November 2006
The guys send out big thanks to The Functionals, and Dessert Inn for opening in Eamonn Doran's last night. The gig was an all round success, with the last few months of rehearsals and songwriting continuing to pay off with yet another storming set that left the crowd pleading for more.

9 November 2006
Last night's gig in DCU went down a treat, with the packed student bar left pounding from a short but furious set.
Kidic are hosted by Eamonn Doran's tonight, with doors opening at 8pm. Support on the night is provided by The Functionals, and Dessert Inn.

8 November 2006
Kidic play DCU tonight as part of an Indie Rock Night which also features Cowboy X. Kicks off in the main student bar from 8pm.

20th October 2006
Kidic have asked us to thank their friends in Desert Inn for hosting an excellent gig last night in The Cavern @ Radio City. The build-up to next years tour and launch continues.

19th October 2006
Kidic play with Desert Inn tonight in The Cavern @ Radio City, Dublin. Doors are open from 8.30pm.

17th October 2006
Kidic play University College Dublin's main Student's Union bar tonight, doors from 7.30pm.

16th October 2006 - WEBSITE LAUNCH
Welcome to Kidic's brand spanking new web site,
We will bring you all the latest Kidic news and exclusive content, as well as merchandise, gig listings and much more along the way. The guys would like to thank the fine people at MultiBlah, in particular lead designer Kevin Cannon (, for their work and hope they can tie up again on future projects..!